001: Gavin St. Ours – Being Immersed And Having Perpetual Projects

“All these things that I’ve started, I keep them all and I’ll come back to them and maybe I’ll rework them and reuse them in other things instead of just abandoning them. I’ll pick ideas out of them.”

Gavin St Ours – @charmcitygavin
Sky Tigers (Gavin’s band) – @sky.tigers


Podcamp Montreal
When we first met
Soothsayer in Aisle Five
National Podcast Post Month
Patton Oswalt’s “Wake Up Geek Culture, Time To Die”

This week’s nerd is Gavin St. Ours. Gavin and I have a deep podcasting history, so I thought this was a great place to start with The Adult Nerd podcast. Gavin is an author, designer, developer, musician, podcaster, and nerd. We talk about going back to school, finding new work, and changing the direction of his life in the process.

Gavin’s book, Soothsayer in Aisle Five, was the culmination of his MFA. He self-published the book on the Amazon Kindle platform in addition to releasing a softcover edition. During his MFA studies and while working full-time, Gavin began to seriously learn to code. Following graduation it was time for another change. Dev bootcamp was the next step for Gavin, moving to San Francisco to immerse himself in development and came out on the other end a working developer.

Gavin’s Space Station Live app for the Apple TV was the #1 paid app on the Apple TV in the early months of its availability. The Baltimore Sticker Pack for iMessages was available early as well (both have been removed from the iOS App Store). The app Small Moments showcased video and original music and was also removed from the iOS App Store, but Gavin’s 100 Days” video project is still available on YouTube.

If you’ve got a great solution for tracking your comic book collection, I’m all ears! I’ve recently begun trying to get my collection into a database to get a full understanding of what I have. I’d prefer not to use Excel to do it and don’t care if it there’s a cost as long as it’s a solid solution. Please be in touch! @robblatt on Twitter.

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