003: Lillian Medville – Work, Humility, And Courage

“I realized at a certain point that I had things I wanted to say and I had questions I wanted to ask and it seemed like a waste to not say them and ask them”

Where to find Lillian Medville:
Lillian Medville on Twitter
Lillian Medville on Instagram (#artandbravery)
Lillian Medville
Your Privilege Is Showing: The Social Justice Card Game
Lillian’s Test Kitchen
Sensitive Beast – A documentary by Lillian

This week’s nerd is Lillian Medville. Lillian’s nerdy takes work, heart, and courage. Through her projects like Your Privilege is Showing, Art and Bravery, and Lillian’s Test Kitchen, Lillian uses non-traditional ways to communicate about bravery, humility, and courage.

Lillian’s TEDx Talk about Your Privilege Is Showing:

We discuss how Lillian decided that Your Privilege Is Showing should be a card game, how the rules of a game can facilitate difficult decisions and go through a recent (as of the episode release) news item that would be included in the game. We met in a way that shows how oblivious I am to the world around me and how gracious Lillian is to the world around her. We also talk about about Lillian’s food allergies (of which there are MANY) and how she still manages to travel and date without the ability to eat at virtually any restaurants.

There is a rant about the Gilmore Girls. Don’t @ me.

Also discussed: Capitol Wrestling is on the air in the Chicago area, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and other markets as well!