Month: August 2023

  • Shipping Review: Ram Fam Collectibles

    Ram Fam Collectibles sent me a box of action figures for making content, and I’m excited to dig into the entire experience. Ram Fam Collectibles is setting a high bar for itself, describing itself as “Ram Fam Collectibles is a veteran-owned business, putting customer experience, collectors desires, and fast shipping into each product that leaves…

  • In Appreciation of Comic Book Dollar Bins

    Whenever I drive somewhere, I’ll check for any comic shops between where I am and where I’m going. Despite knowing every comic book shop within a fifty-mile radius of my home, it’s a habit I maintain. Working in the office? I’ll check the train times to see if I can squeeze in a look into…

  • A parody shirt that says ROMAINES instead of RAMONES

    Featured Shirts from TeePublic

    If you’ve seen any of the videos from my partnership with TeePublic, you can find all the featured designs in this album on TeePublic. My personal favorite is this Romaines t-shirt, which is featured in a video all about lettuce.

  • Three action figures with their feet all together

    TMNT Foot Peg Sizes

    I downloaded a base for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures from Thingiverse, which resulted in a little frustration on my part. The pegs in the STL file were 7/64″, which worked for some of my figures but not others. Granted, the file explicitly said that it worked for NECA figures, but you’d think that peg…